Landscape Architecture (BLA)

As a landscape architecture major you’ll combine science and art to design positive change in environments and communities around the world. Learn how to draw, the principles of ecological design, and how to present your ideas using specialized software and technologies. Collaborate with local communities to design parks and gardens that foster social development and environmental awareness. All you need is a desire to create something new—the landscape architecture department will show you how to do the rest.

You’ll learn how to create outdoor spaces that take people’s needs and the ecological context into account. Explore the connections between design and planning, theory and practice, art and technology, school and the “real world,” head and hand, and large scale and small scale. Enrollment in the landscape architecture department starts with a pre-major status. Once you are on campus, you will be advised on how and when to declare the landscape architecture major.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Show competency in understanding and deploying analytical tools used in the practice of Landscape Architecture.
  • Understand range of design and building solutions to environmental problems and changing climate.
  • Demonstrate graphic competency for landscape.

Landscape Architecture Premajor

UO students interested in landscape architecture should first declare as a premajor. Current UO students may change their premajor to landscape architecture at any time during their undergraduate years. Landscape architecture premajors receive departmental advising, priority registration, and departmental communications. The department also offers scholarships and funded field studies opportunities exclusively for such students.

Premajor Advising. Landscape architecture premajors are strongly encouraged to meet with the BLA director or the School of Architecture and Environment advisor in 210 Lawrence Hall to receive assistance with applications, gain information about the program, or check on their academic progress and completion of premajor requirements.

Listserver for Premajors. Once students declare the premajor, their UO email addresses are added to the landscape architecture undergraduate listserver, which is used for sharing important departmental information and posts that may be of interest to undergraduate premajors and majors.

Applications. Students in the premajor or landscape architecture minor, or UO applicants with evidence of design background, may apply to the BLA degree at any time prior to entering Landscape Architectural Design and Process (LA 439) studios, which are restricted to BLA students.

UO applicants with little or no design background should enter the premajor.

Current School of Architecture and Environment majors (architecture, interior architecture) in good-standing (2.50 minimum GPA), may enter the BLA program without a formal application. These students should discuss their degree plan with the BLA director, who will confirm enrollment with the School of Architecture and Environment advising staff.

Students who wish to enter the BLA program must meet the requirements below, complete lower-division course work, and complete a separate application to the BLA prior to entering the Landscape Architectural Design and Process (LA 439) studios.

  • Cumulative UO GPA of 2.50 or better
  • Requirements listed below must be passed with at least a C– or P or P*.
  • Satisfactory completion of the following:
    • Lower-division core courses: Understanding Landscapes (LA 260) or Introduction to Landscape Architecture (LA 227)
    • Introductory design studios Landscape Architectural Design (LA 289) or Architectural Design I (ARCH 283) and Architectural Design II (ARCH 284)
    •  Design Skills (ARCH 202) and Introduction to Architectural Computer Graphics (ARCH 222)
  • Satisfactory completion of one basic ecology or natural systems course

Applications may be submitted prior to completion of the premajor requirements. The department admits students fall, winter, and spring terms. Admission to the BLA is effective the following term. The deadline to apply falls on the Friday of the fourth week.

To be considered for admission to the major, students must complete and submit the following materials through the online SlideRoom applicant tracking system:

  • Application form
  • Landscape architecture premajor checklist, available as a PDF on the department website or in hard-copy form in 210 Lawrence Hall
  • Portfolio of design and art work, completed in the Landscape Architectural Design (LA 289) studios,or media courses, or elsewhere

Prospective applicants may find information about the program and application requirements on the department website.

Landscape Architecture Major Requirements

Requirements for the BLA degree (including university requirements) total 180 credits. Courses required for the major must passed with a grade of at least C– or P or P*. Studio courses are pass/no pass only; students must pass each studio to progress to the next studio level.

Landscape Architecture Design Studios
LA 289Landscape Architectural Design (two studios)12
LA 439Landscape Architectural Design and Process (three studios)18
LA 489Site Planning and Design (three studios)18
LA 494Land Planning and Design6
LA 499Comprehensive Project8
Landscape Architecture Materials + Construction
LA 462Professional Practice Landscape Architecture2
LA 464Landscape Materials and Construction I4
LA 465Landscape Materials and Construction II4
LA 466Landscape Materials and Construction III4
Landscape Analysis + Planning
LA 413Analyzing Landscape Systems4
LA 415Computers in Landscape Architecture4
LA 440Introduction to Landscape Planning Analysis4
LA 441Principles of Applied Ecology4
History + Theory of Landscape Architecture
LA 260Understanding Landscapes4
LA 474History of Landscape Architecture I4
LA 475History of Landscape Architecture II4
LA 472Landscape Architectural Theory: [Topic]4
Landscape Architecture Media
LA 352Digital Landscape Media (Digital Landscape Media)2
LA 451Landscape Media I2
LA 452Landscape Media II2
LA 453Landscape Media III2
Electives 116
Total Credits132