Philosophy Minor

Philosophy engages fundamental questions concerning human identity, the nature of knowledge and reality, moral virtue and responsibility, the nature of community and political authority, aesthetic judgments and values, and other concepts central to the meaning and value of human existence. Our program emphasizes the study of ethics, social and political philosophy, American philosophy, continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, philosophy of mind, the philosophy of race, the history of philosophy, and environmental philosophy.

Philosophy Minor Requirements

Select two of the following:8
History of Ancient Philosophy
History of Philosophy: Modern
History of Philosophy: 19th Century
Introduction to Latin American Philosophy
Continental Philosophy: [Topic]
American Philosophy: [Topic]
Course on the work of a specific philosopher4
Ancient Philosophers: [Topic]
17th- and 18th-Century Philosophers: [Topic]
19th-Century Philosophers: [Topic]
20th-Century Philosophers: [Topic]
Upper-division philosophy course4
Two additional philosophy courses8
Total Credits24

Courses must be passed with grades of C– or better or P (pass). No more than 8 credits may be taken pass/no pass.