Scandinavian Minor

You might want to study Scandinavian culture or learn Swedish to get in touch with your roots. Maybe your grandparents sang Nordic folk songs, baked delicious Danish pastries, or told tales about the old country. Maybe you’ve already traveled in Europe or want to learn about cultural differences and immerse yourself before doing so. Or you may want to build a career in a global business environment

Approximately 20 million people's mother tongue is a Scandinavian language, and notable Scandinavian literature spans a broad range from the beloved children’s stories of Hans Christian Andersen to modern crime novels by Stieg Larsson. Scandinavian heritage permeates Western society, particularly in the areas of classical music, literature, science, philosophy, and theology.

Learning about other cultures fulfills the primary purpose of a university education—it will prepare you to reason, analyze, solve problems, and communicate in a world of widely differing cultures. The UO offers the only minor program in Scandinavian in Oregon. Classes are small and discussion-based with engaging activities designed to involve and engross students, with both group and individual writing assignments.

Assistant Professor Gantt Gurley says, “College is a time to learn to explore, to set boundaries and jump over boundaries that you won’t have the luxury to do later on. Scandinavian studies sets up a larger configuration of European and cultural studies. It is about the life of the mind.”

Minor in Scandinavian

The Scandinavian minor correlates well with studies that have an international or European concentration. It is particularly useful for students of international business, European history, sociology, political science, theater arts, and art history.

Successful completion of one year of Swedish or equivalent12
Six Scandinavian literature or culture courses24
Total Credits36

Of the requirements listed above, the following rules apply:

  • Three courses must be taken in the UO Department of German and Scandinavian
  • One literature or culture course may be taken pass/no pass

Minors in Scandinavian must demonstrate basic aptitude in Swedish, demonstrated either by evaluation by the Scandinavian advisor or by successful completion of First-Year Swedish (SWED 103) with a grade of mid-C or better.

Specific questions about the Scandinavian minor should be addressed to departmental undergraduate advisors in Scandinavian.