Comparative Literature Minor

Comparative Literature students have a passion for words, images, and ideas. They are drawn to stories, and they understand the power of representation. They think across disciples and challenge existing frameworks. They are creative, critical, and committed to imagining a more just world.

The Comparative Literature minor offers an opportunity for students to pursue an interest in world literature and film without advanced language study.

Minor Requirements

The comparative literature minor offers an opportunity for students to pursue an interest in world literature and film without advanced language study.

COLT 301Approaches to Comparative Literature4
Four COLT courses (at least two upper-division courses)16
Two upper-division literature or film courses in same subject area 18
Total Credits28

Courses may be taught within the Department of Comparative Literature or in other departments and may be taken abroad or away from the University of Oregon 

Literature or Film Courses

Arab Cinema
History of Chinese Literature
History of Chinese Literature II, The Imperial Age
History of Chinese Literature
Literature of Modern Taiwan
Gender and Sexuality in Traditional Chinese Literature
Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature
Self and Society in Traditional Chinese Literature
Modern Chinese Texts: [Topic]
Chinese Film and Theory
Queer European Cinema
Film Theory
Contemporary Korean Film
Digital Cinema
Narrative Production II
Film, Media, and Culture
US Film Industry
National and Regional Cinema: [Topic]
New Media and Digital Culture: [Topic]
Directors and Genres: [Topic]
Greek and Roman Epic
Greek and Roman Tragedy
Intermediate Poetry Writing
Kidd Workshop III: Poetry
Intermediate Creative Writing: Literary Nonfiction
Intermediate Fiction Writing
Kidd Workshop III: Fiction
Special Studies: [Topic]
Writing and Conference: [Topic]
Seminar: [Topic]
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Literature for Poets
Literature for Fiction Writers
Advanced Poetry Writing
Advanced Fiction Writing
English Novel
English Novel
English Novel Conrad to Present
Literature of the Northwest
Jewish Writers
Shakespeare on Page and Stage
African American Writers
Native American Writers
Chicano and Latino Writers
Global Literatures in English
Film, Media, and Culture
Graphic Narratives and Cultural Theory
American Novel
American Novel
20th-Century Literature
20th-Century Literature
Theories of Literacy
The Age of Beowulf
Medieval Romance
Old English III: [Topic]
Advanced Shakespeare
17th-Century Poetry and Prose
English Romantic Writers
Victorian Literature and Culture: [Topic]
American Literature to 1800
Ethnic Literature: [Topic]
Literature and the Environment: [Topic]
Television Studies
New Media and Digital Culture: [Topic]
Race and Representation in Film: [Topic]
Feminist Film Criticism: [Topic]
Folklore and the Bible
French Survey of Francophone Literature
Knights, Queens, and Rebels
Monarchy, Liberty, Revolution
Modernity and Creativity
French Poetry
French Theater
French Narrative
French Cinema for Nonmajors
French Film
Baroque Theater: [Topic]
19th-Century Literature: [Topic]
20th-Century Literature: [Topic]
German Cinema: History, Theory, Practice
German Fairy Tales
German Literature Poetry, Plays, Prose
German Literature Literary Movements
German Literature Interpretive Models
Bollywood's Lens on Indian Society
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Biblical Narrative
Italian Survey of Medieval and Renaissance
Italian Survey: Baroque and Enlightenment
Italian Survey: 19th and 20th Centuries
Humanism and the Renaissance
20th-Century Literature: [Topic]
US Film Industry
Jewish Literature and Culture
Jewish Image and Media
Introduction to Japanese Literature
Introduction to Japanese Literature
Introduction to Japanese Literature
Modern Japanese Literature: [Topic]
Advanced Readings in Japanese Literature
Advanced Readings in Japanese Literature
Advanced Readings in Japanese Literature
The Japanese Cinema
Japanese Environmental Cinema
Early Modern Comics
Translation and Japanese Literature
Contemporary Korean Film
Authors: [Topic]
Vergil: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Authors: [Topic]
Film Music
Philosophy in Literature
Philosophy of Film
Politics and Film
Russian Literature and Film
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Nordic Cinema
History of Cinema
Directors, Movements, and Manifestos
Medieval Hero and Monster
Periods in Scandinavian Literature
Scandinavian Women Writers
Genres in Scandinavian Literature
Hispanic Cultures through Literature I
Hispanic Cultures through Literature II
Hispanic Cultures through Literature III
Hispanic Cultures through Literature IV
United States Latino Literature and Culture
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Theater
Introduction to Narrative
Experimental Course: [Topic]
National Identities and Border Cultures in the Americas
19th-Century Spanish American Literature: [Topic]
20th-Century Latin American Literature: [Topic]
History of the Theater I
History of the Theater II
History of the Theater III
Literature as Feminist Theory
Gender, Film, and the Media