Educational Policy and Leadership (MS)

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About the Education Policy and Leadership (EPoL) Master’s of Science Program

A pandemic that has heightened inequality. A renewed drive for racial and economic justice. A need for core beliefs and evidence to guide educational decision-making. A facility in a wide range of analytic methods. These are the kinds of motivating catalysts and personal characteristics of those who will thrive in the Education Policy and Leadership Master’s Program at the University of Oregon. Now is the time for an inter-disciplinary, reflective and skill-oriented education like the kind you will find in the EPoL program.

Our program is a 12-month place-based program that awards you a Master of Science degree in Education Policy and Leadership (EPoL). The program combines methodological training, theoretical grounding, and practical expertise in US education policy, evidence-based decision-making, organizational leadership, and policy-making processes. If desired, EPoL students can add on an optional specialization in data science.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the process for education policy development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Demonstrate skills to analyze data with a goal of identifying problems, understanding their possible causes, and evaluating potential solutions.
  • Act as an effective, equity-oriented, continuous improvement change-maker and a responsive leader in education-related settings.
  • Effectively communicate both through presentation of ideas and through receptive listening and processing of other stakeholders' ideas.

Educational Policy and Leadership

Term 1 (Summer)
EDLD 684Master's Seminar in Educational Policy and Leadership3
EDUC 612Social Science and Education Research Design3
EDLD 636Governance and Ethics3
Term 2 (Fall)
EDLD 696Professional Writing I: Foundations in Professional Writing3
EDUC 614Educational Statistics3
EDLD 683State and Local Policy Development in Education3
Term 3 (Winter)
EDUC 640Applied Statistical Design and Analysis3
Term 4 (Spring)
EDLD 685Educational Policy and Leadership Master's Capstone3
ELECTIVE COURSES (minimum of 7)
EDUC 642Multiple Regression in Educational Research3
EDLD 643Evidence-Based Decision Making in Schools3
EDLD 625Survey and Questionnaire Design3
EDLD 644Learning Organization3
EDLD 624Leading for Equity3
EDUC 620Program Evaluation I3
EDUC 621Program Evaluation II3
EDLD 631Education Policy for Multilingual Students3
EDLD 632Educational Policy Analysis3
EDLD 640Educational Data Science Capstone Project4
EDLD 651Introductory Educational Data Science3
EDLD 644Learning Organization3
EDLD 683State and Local Policy Development in Education3
EDLD 652Data Visualization for Educational Data Science3
EDLD 653Functional Programming for Educational Data Science3
EDLD 654Machine Learning for Educational Data Science3