Curriculum and Teaching (UOTeach) (MEd)

Application and Admission

UOTeach prepares teacher leaders to have a lasting impact on the learning and lives of youth. We have an open-door policy, welcoming applicants with demonstrated academic distinction, the disposition and passion for learning and working with youth, and a commitment to supporting equitable educational learning communities.

UOTeach is committed to helping reshape the classroom experience for all students through increasing the numbers of educator candidates from underrepresented groups, including bilingual bicultural candidates, people with disabilities, and first-generation college students.

As a state-approved program, UOTeach adheres to Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSCP), University of Oregon, and College of Education standards.

Admissions criteria are listed below. 

Our graduate school application is open Sept 20 to January 15 annually, for June start.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the 10 InTASC standards at the appropriate progression level(s) in the following categories: the learner and learning, content instructional practice and professional responsibility.
  • Use research and evidence to develop an understanding of the teaching profession and use both to measure students’ progress and their own professional practice.
  • Apply content and pedagogical knowledge as reflected in outcome assessments in response to standards of Specialized Professional Associations (SPA), the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), states, or other accrediting bodies.
  • Demonstrate skills and commitment that afford all P-12 students access to rigorous college- and career-ready standards.
  • Model and apply technology standards as they design, implement and assess learning experiences to engage students and improve learning and enrich professional practice.

Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching (UOTeach)

Students pursuing a master of education degree (MEd) are admitted to the curriculum and teaching major through the K–12 licensure program, UOTeach. This graduate program emphasizes the sociocultural context of teaching and learning, culturally sustaining pedagogy, and supportive learning communities. Completion of the program leads to a teaching license and a master of education degree (MEd) in curriculum and teaching. 

The UOTeach program offers the following general-education specializations:

1. Elementary Multiple Subjects

2. Middle-High school education, in the following content endorsement areas:

The degree includes an embedded preparation for Oregon TSPC’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teaching endorsement. 

UOTeach is a four-term, full-time academic and field experience program. Study plans are based on a candidates admitted teaching endorsement area. The graduate program coursework begins in June, preparing students for 34 weeks of progressive field experience teaching in local schools.  School district practicum placements start at the end of summer term.  

It is a cohort-based program (students are taught as a community rather than as individuals) in which students explore approaches to teaching and learning that advance equity and access, value student’s strengths, facilitate critical thinking, and reflect culturally responsive methods and practices that serve all learners.  

Upon successful completion of related course work, field placement, and licensure requirements, candidates are eligible to apply for the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission preliminary Oregon teaching license. The preliminary teaching licenses and subsequent renewals and out-of-state transfers require a College of Education program completion report. 

Elementary Multiple Subjects:

EDST 612Foundations of Teaching and Learning (*)3
EDST 616Language, Power, and Education4
EDST 620Curricular Controversies: Math and Literacy4
EDST 627Mgmt: Introduction to Supportive Learning Communities1
SPED 511Foundations of Disability I (*)3
EDST 614Cultural Context of Education (*)4
EDST 617Sapsik'walá Indigenous Education Seminar I4
EDST 640Methods: Constructing Meaning through Literacy4
EDST 642Methods: Humanities Pedagogy4
EDST 643Methods: Teaching Mathematics-Facts and Inquiry4
EDST 628Mgmt: Creating Supportive Classroom Communities3
EDST 645Methods: Teaching Science-Detail and Discovery4
EDST 646Methods ESOL: Eng Lang Learners Pedagogy Elementary Classrm4
EDST 647English Language Learner Methods3
EDST 681Elementary Part-Time Teaching4
EDST 682Elementary Teaching Performance Assessment2
EDST 683Elementary Full-Time Student Teaching10
Minimum Required Credits 162

Mid/High School Education (Subject Areas):

EDST 612Foundations of Teaching and Learning3
EDST 616Language, Power, and Education4
EDST 630Curriculum Studies and the Profession of Teaching4
EDST 627Mgmt: Introduction to Supportive Learning Communities1
SPED 511Foundations of Disability I (*)3
EDST 614Cultural Context of Education (*)4
EDST 617Sapsik'walá Indigenous Education Seminar I1-2
EDST 638Methods ESOL: English Language Learners Pedagogy Humanities4
EDST 621Methods: Representing Mathematical Concepts4
Elective Courses 16-8
EDST 618Methods ESOL: Teaching English Language Development, K–123
EDST 622Methods: Mathematical Problem-Solving Curriculum4
EDST 623Methods: Representing Science Concepts4
EDST 624Methods: Scientific Problem-Solving Curriculum4
EDST 628Mgmt: Creating Supportive Classroom Communities3
EDST 631Methods ELA: Representing Literature to Young People4
EDST 632Methods: Engaging Students in Writing4
EDST 633Methods: Representing Second-Language Concepts4
EDST 634Methods: Second-Language Conversation and Composition4
EDST 635Methods: Representing Social Studies Concepts4
EDST 636Methods: Social Studies Inquiry and Analysis4
EDST 647English Language Learner Methods3
EDST 686Secondary Part-Time Teaching4
EDST 687Secondary Teaching Performance Assessment2
EDST 688Secondary Full-Time Student Teaching10
Minimum Required Credits 262

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