Division of Graduate Studies


Krista Chronister, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
Susan Campbell Hall, first floor
1219 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1219

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council advises and makes recommendations to the vice provost for graduate studies on matters pertaining to graduate study at the University of Oregon, including changes or additions to policies and regulations governing graduate study. The council consists of a representative elected committee of 12 faculty members, two students, and the vice provost for graduate studies. The current Graduate Council membership is listed on the Division of Graduate Studies website.

General Information

The University of Oregon offers graduate level study in a wide range of subjects. Program offerings are listed in the Graduate Majors and Specializations section of this catalog. For information about law degrees, see the School of Law section of this catalog. 

Specific program requirements for most of these degrees appear in the departmental sections of this catalog; general requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies are stated in this section.

Graduate Student Types

  • Admitted Graduate Non-Degree
  • Doctoral
  • Exchange
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Graduate Microcredential
  • Master's

The following student types are sunsetting and no new students will be admitted to these types: 

  • Conditional Master's
  • Conditional Doctoral
  • Post-Master's
  • Pre-Master's

Graduate Admission


To be admitted to the University of Oregon for the purpose of seeking a graduate degree or graduate certificate or for enrolling in a formal non-degree graduate program, students must hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university in the United States or its equivalent from a foreign country and must be accepted by the major department in which they propose to study. All applicants for whom English is not a native/primary language must show proof of language proficiency. Information about requirements may be found online.

Students who want to earn a second bachelor’s degree should not apply to the Division of Graduate Studies. They should submit an application for postbaccalaureate undergraduate student status to the Office of Admissions as described on their website.

The university’s schools and departments determine their own requirements for graduate admission beyond the university's minimums. 

Application Fee

The Graduate Microcredential application fee is $35. The application fee for all other applicants is $70 (domestic applicants) or $90 (international applicants). The Division of Graduate Studies offers fee waivers and discounts for applicants who meet specific criteria. More information is available here

Application Procedure & Requirements

Students seeking graduate admission must submit an online application. Links can be found on each program's website, or by contacting the program directly. At the time of application, applicants must submit unofficial transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended, including the University of Oregon. Applicants who accept their offer of admission and matriculate must submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities from which they received a bachelor’s degree or higher. More information is available here

The applicant may also be asked to submit materials such as transcripts of test scores (e.g., Graduate Record Examinations, Miller Analogies Test) and letters of reference. The applicant should ascertain from the program what additional materials, if any, are expected and submit them in the manner described by the program. In some cases, these materials will be collected electronically as part of the online application.

Students should become familiar with these requirements before applying and address inquiries about graduate admission to the department or school in which they plan to study, not to the Division of Graduate Studies or to the Office of Admissions.

A student who has been admitted to a graduate program and wants to enter a different graduate program must apply for admission to the new program. 

Admitted Graduate Non-Degree Status Application

Applicants who wish to take graduate coursework but do not intend to pursue a specific graduate degree must apply online. Instructions are available here.

Language Requirement for International Graduate Employees

Graduate students who are non-native speakers of English who have been hired in teaching positions are required to demonstrate their spoken English proficiency by achieving a minimum score on the Test of Spoken English (TSE), the speaking component of either the Internet-based TOEFL, or the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. Graduate employees who do not meet the minimum score for these tests must take the UO Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) Test upon their arrival on campus. More information about the GE language requirement is available on the Division of Graduate Studies website. 

International students who want instruction in English as a second language before beginning their studies at the University of Oregon or another university in the United States may enroll in the American English Institute. For more information, visit aei.uoregon.edu.

Course Numbering System


Courses that offer graduate-level work in classes that may also include undergraduate students.


Graduate courses for graduate students only.


Except in the School of Music and Dance, courses of a highly technical nature that count toward a professional degree only, not toward advanced academic degrees such as an MA, MS, or PhD. Both 600- and 700-level courses with the MUP subject code denote graduate courses that apply toward advanced academic degrees in the School of Music and Dance.

503, 507, 508, 510, 601–610, 704–710

Graduate and professional courses that may be repeated for credit under the same number.