Graduate Microcredentials

Graduate Microcredentials offer specialized training that helps meet important educational and workforce needs and advance learners’ knowledge and/or skill development without the commitment of a full graduate degree program. 

Students pursuing graduate microcredentials are not eligible for federal financial aid or for Division of Graduate Studies scholarships.  

Student classification 

Students pursuing a graduate microcredential are classified as admitted non-degree graduate students. Graduate microcredentials are only available as stand-alone credentials; students may not concurrently complete a graduate microcredential and a graduate degree or certificate. 

Minimum requirements

A graduate microcredential consists of at least 3 graduate courses totaling a minimum of 12 credits. 

While enrolled in a graduate microcredential program, students are subject to all graduate student academic policies, including satisfactory progress requirements. 


Anyone who meets the UO minimum requirements for graduate admission may apply to complete a graduate microcredential. Each program offering graduate microcredential may have additional prerequisites or eligibility requirements. Applicants apply online via the Division of Graduate Studies' application system. 

Pathway to a degree or certificate 

Acceptance to pursue a UO graduate microcredential does not guarantee acceptance into a UO degree or certificate program. However, credits that a learner earns toward a graduate microcredential may later be applied to a UO master’s degree, doctoral degree, or graduate certificate, depending on the program and subject to all current Division of Graduate Studies transfer credit policies.