Art and Technology (BFA)

The BFA degree program in art and technology is a focused and selective undergraduate degree that allows students to take many studio courses. BFA students receive faculty mentoring and take BFA-specific courses that include professional practice strategies and opportunities. Students work toward a thesis project in their graduating year that includes a final BFA exhibition, a website, and a catalog publication.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of studio practices and ideas.
  • Develop an understanding of history, theory, and criticism, and an ability to analyze and situate work in relation to that body of knowledge.
  • Acquire a working knowledge of technologies and equipment applicable to their area(s) of specialization.
  • Develop an ability to synthesize material and intellectual knowledge and shape an independent studio practice.

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art and Technology

The bachelor of fine arts degree with a major in art and technology is a professional baccalaureate degree. Students enrolled in the digital arts BFA are in residence at the University of Oregon in Portland as they develop the body of work for their BFA terminal project.

The application process is competitive and includes a portfolio review. Students who have completed a comparable four-year degree in art at another institution may be admitted to the BFA program. Such candidates must satisfy the university’s 45-credit residence requirement.

Students must complete the four-year program with a total of 118 credits in digital arts (a total of 180 university credits).

Courses used to fulfill the major requirements must be passed with a grade of C- or better or a mark of Pass (P or P*).

No more than 12 credits passed with a mark of Pass (P or P*) will count towards major requirements.

Departmental Requirements for BA or BS in Art and Technology
ART 115Surface, Space, and Time4
ART 116Core Interdisciplinary Laboratory4
ART 233Drawing I4
ARTD 250Print Media Digital Arts4
ARTD 251Time-Based Digital Arts4
ARTD 252Interactive Digital Arts4
Three art history courses 112
Upper-division art studio courses 2,336
Departmental Requirements for BFA in Art and Technology
Three art history (ARH) or theory courses12
ARTD 409Terminal Creative Project BFA4
ARTD 490Issues and Practices in Digital Arts 415
Additional upper-division credits in ARTD or ARTS (chosen from studios, independent studies, or internship)15
Total Credits118

History of Design (ARH 358) is recommended.


At least 24 of these credits must be in digital arts (ARTD) studio courses.


A maximum of 6 credits in Internship: [Topic] (ARTD 404) and a maximum of 12 credits in Practicum: [Topic] (ARTD 406) may be counted toward the 36 upper-division credits.


Three terms of course