Amanda Wojick, Department Head
254 Lawrence Hall
5232 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-5232

The Department of Art curriculum approaches studio visual art through a broad range of media practices—ceramics, art & technology, drawing, fibers, metalsmithing and jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. The department encourages breadth and interdisciplinary investigation, as well as depth within media, emphasizing the development of the material skills and understanding of art-making processes as well as a conceptual and critical understanding of the context of art. As actively practicing artists themselves, faculty members offer students an introduction to the compelling challenges, questions, and rewards of artistic practice.

Four bachelor’s degrees are offered by the department. A four-year program leads to the bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) degree with a major in art or art and technology; the bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in art with a concentration in ceramics, fibers, metalsmithing and jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture; the bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in art & technology.  At the graduate level, the master of fine arts (MFA) is the terminal professional degree in art.


Jonathan Bagby, instructor of practice (art). BA, 2009, Tennessee; MFA, 2014, Oregon. (2014)

Marissa Benedict, instructor (fibers). BFA, 2007, Rhode Island School of Design; MFA, 2011, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (2016)

Carla Bengtson, professor (painting). BFA, 1980, Tyler School of Art; MFA, 1983, Yale. (1995)

Michael Bray, senior instructor (art and technology). BA, 1997, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; MFA, 2008, Oregon. (2008)

Rebecca Childers, senior instructor (printmaking). BA, 1987, Cornell College; MFA, 1995, Iowa. (2002)

Isami Ching, senior instructor (art and technology, foundations). BA, 1994, Dartmouth College; BFA, 1998, Massachusetts College of Art and Design; MFA, 2002, Columbia. (2008)

Colleen Choquette-Raphael, senior instructor (photography). BA, 1991, BFA, 1992, Oregon; MFA, 1996, Washington (Seattle). (1997)

Jovencio de la Paz, assistant professor (fibers). BFA, 2008, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; MFA, 2012, Cranbrook Academy of Art. (2015)

Tannaz Farsi, associate professor (sculpture). BFA, 2004, West Virginia; MFA, 2007, Ohio. (2008)

Brian Gillis, professor (ceramics). BA, 2000, Humboldt State; MFA, 2002, Alfred. (2008)

Colin Ives, associate professor (art and technology). BA, 1987, Cornell College; MA, 1992, MFA, 1994, Iowa. (2002)

Ron Jude, professor (photography). BFA, 1988, Boise State; MFA, 1992, Louisiana State. (2015)

Anya Kivarkis, associate professor (metalsmithing and jewelry). BFA, 1999, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; MFA, 2004, State University of New York, New Paltz. (2004)

Sylvan Lionni, assistant professor (painting, drawing). BFA, 1995, School of Visual Arts; MFA, 1998, Bard College. (2011)

Charlene Liu, associate professor (printmaking). BA, 1997, Brandeis; MFA, 2003, Columbia. (2007)

Christopher Michlig, associate professor (foundations); director, graduate program. BA, 1999, Oregon; MFA, 2007, Art Center College of Design. (2013)

Donald L. Morgan, associate professor (foundations). BFA, 1993, Oregon; MFA, 2001, Art Center College of Design. (2008)

John Park, senior instructor (art and technology). BA, 2003, Oregon; MFA, 2006, State University of New York, Buffalo. (2007)

David Rueter, assistant professor (art and technology). BA, 2009, Oberlin College; MFA, 2013, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Jack T. Ryan, professor (foundations). BFA, 1992, Oregon; MFA, 2000, Georgia. (2008)

Michael Salter, professor (art and technology). BFA, 1991, Miami; MFA, 1994, North Carolina, Chapel Hill. (2005)

James Schauer, senior instructor (foundations). BFA, 1999, Montana State; MFA, 2002, Oregon. (2003)

Stacy Jo Scott, assistant professor (ceramics, digital fabrication). BFA, 2010, Oregon; MFA, 2012, Cranbrook. (2017)

Rick Silva, associate professor (art and technology). BFA, 2001, MFA, 2007, Colorado, Boulder. (2013)

Jessica Swanson, senior instructor (ceramics). BA, 1996, Whitman College; MFA, 2002, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (2010)

Ying Tan, associate professor (art and technology). BA, 1983, Teacher’s University, Shandong, China; MAEd, 1987, Georgia State. (1996)

Jessie Vala, instructor. BFA California College of Arts 1999: MFA, 2015, University of Oregon.

Laura Vandenburgh, professor (painting). BS, 1984, DVM, 1988, California, Davis; MFA, 1993, Hunter. (1998)

Kathleen E. Wagle, professor (metalsmithing, jewelry). BS, 1975, Portland State; MFA, 1981, Arizona State. (1994)

Tyrras Warren, senior instructor (art and technology, foundations). BA, 1998, BFA, 1998, Texas Christian; MFA, 2008, Oregon. (2009)

Amanda Wojick, professor (sculpture). BA, 1995, Colgate; MFA, 1999, Alfred; MFA, 2000, Bard. (2001)


Laura J. Alpert, associate professor emerita. BA, 1968, Stanford; MFA, 1971, Oregon. (1979)

Ronald J. Graff, associate professor emeritus. BFA, 1973, Kansas City Art Institute; MFA, 1975, Yale. (1981)

R. Craig Hickman, professor emeritus. BS, 1971, Portland State; MFA, 1981, Washington (Seattle). (1984)

Robert C. James, professor emeritus. BA, 1952, California, Los Angeles; MFA, 1955, Cranbrook Academy of Art. (1955)

George Kokis, professor emeritus. BFA, 1955, MFA, 1961, Alfred. (1973)

Sana Krusoe, associate professor emerita. BA, 1968, Occidental; MFA, 1987, Claremont Graduate. (1990)

Kenneth R. O’Connell, professor emeritus. BS, 1966, MFA, 1972, Oregon. (1977)

Kenneth H. Paul, associate professor emeritus. BA, 1961, MA, 1965, Wyoming. (1970)

Barbara Setsu Pickett, associate professor emerita. BS, 1971, Portland State. (1975)

Dan Powell, associate professor emeritus. BA, 1973, MA, 1977, Central Washington; MFA, 1980, Illinois. (1987)

Margaret Prentice, associate professor emerita. BFA, 1967, Arizona, Tucson; MFA, 1980, Colorado, Boulder. (1986)

Terri Warpinski, professor emerita. BA, 1979, Wisconsin, Green Bay; MFA, 1983, Iowa. (1984)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

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