Physics Minor

Physics, the most basic of the natural sciences, entails the discovery and elucidation of elementary principles which shape our physical universe. Students who minor in Physics as a supplement to their major course of study will learn how these elementary principles can systematically be applied to understand diverse phenomena and solve seemingly complex problems. Graduates with training in Physics find employment in the various areas of physics and other physical sciences, technological and health industries, financial services, computer science, library science, education, communication, law, and medicine.

Physics Minor Requirements

Pre-Minor Requirements
Required Courses
PHYS 251–253Foundations of Physics I 112
or PHYS 201–203 General Physics
PHYS 351–353Foundations of Physics II12
PHYS 391Physics Experimentation Data Analysis Laboratory4
400-level physics course 24
Total Credits32

Additional Requirements

Course work must be completed with grades of C– or better or P. At least 12 of the upper-division credits must be completed in residence at the University of Oregon.