Chemistry and Biochemistry

Vicki DeRose, Department Head
91 Klamath Hall

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees with majors in chemistry or biochemistry. The department enjoys a strong national reputation.

The curriculum in chemistry provides broad knowledge of the field as a part of the liberal education offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Chemistry course work is a sound foundation for students interested in advanced work in chemistry or related sciences, particularly such fields as biochemistry, geochemistry, materials science, and molecular biology.


Shannon W. Boettcher,  professor (inorganic, materials science). BA, 2003, Oregon; PhD, 2008, California, Santa Barbara. (2010)

Carl Brozek, assistant professor (physical inorganic, materials science). SB, 2010, Chicago; PhD, 2015, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2018)

Jeffrey A. Cina, professor (physical). BS, 1979, Wisconsin, Madison; PhD, 1985, California, Berkeley. (1995)

Donald Clayton, instructor. BS, 2010, Central Washington; MS, 2013, PhD, 2017, Oregon. (2022)

Amanda Cook, assistant professor (organic, inorganic materials science). BS, 2010, California State, Fullerton; PhD, 2015, Michigan, Ann Arbor. (2018)

Victoria J. De Rose, professor (bioinorganic). BA, 1983, Chicago; PhD, 1990, California, Berkeley. (2006)

Deborah B. Exton, senior instructor. BS, 1987, Metropolitan State College of Denver; PhD, 1992, Denver. (1993)

Adam Glass, instructor. BS, 2006, Pacific; PhD, 2011, Oregon. (2021)

Marina G. Guenza, professor (physical). Laurea, 1985, Università degli Studi di Genova; PhD, 1989, degree granted by consortium of universities of Torino, Genova, and Pavia. (1998)

Tanya Gupta, instructor. BS, 1998, Beneras Hindu University; MS, 2000, Lunkow; M.Ed., 2007, PhD, 2012, Iowa State. (2021)

Michael M. Haley, Richard M. and Patricia H. Noyes Professor in Chemistry (organic, materials science). BA, 1987, PhD, 1991, Rice. (1993)

Scott Hansen, assistant professor (biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics). BS, 2004, California, Davis; PhD, 2012, California, San Francisco. (2017)

Michael Harms, associate professor (biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics). BS, 2004, Oregon State; PhD, 2008, Johns Hopkins. (2013)

Diane K. Hawley, professor (biochemistry). BA, 1976, Kansas; PhD, 1982, Harvard. (1986)

Christopher Hendon, assistant professor (computational materials). BSc, 2011, Monash; PhD, 2015, Bath. (2018)

James E. Hutchison, professor (organic, materials science); Lokey-Harrington Chair in the Department of Chemistry. BS, 1986, Oregon; PhD, 1991, Stanford. (1994)

Ramesh Jasti,  professor (organic, inorganic, supramolecular). BS, 1998, North Carolina, Chapel Hill; PhD., 2006, California, Irvine. (2014)

Darren W. Johnson, Bradshaw and Holzapfel Research Professor in Transformational Science and Mathematics (organic). BS, 1996, Texas, Austin; PhD, 2000, California, Berkeley. (2003)

David C. Johnson, professor (inorganic, materials science); Rosaria P. Haugland Foundation Chair in Pure and Applied Chemistry. BA, 1978, Rutgers; MS, 1980, PhD, 1983, Cornell. (1986)

Michael E. Kellman, professor (physical). BS, 1971, California, Berkeley; PhD, 1977, Chicago. (1989)

Paul Kempler, research assistant professor. BS, 2015, Vanderbilt; PhD, 2020, California Institute of Technology. (2020)

Michael Koscho, senior instructor (organic). BS, 1993, Purdue; PhD, 1999, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. (2006)

Mark Lonergan, professor (physical, materials science); director, Materials Science Institute. BS, 1990, Oregon; PhD, 1994, Northwestern. (1996)

Andrew H. Marcus, professor (physical, materials science). BA, 1987, California, San Diego; PhD, 1993, Stanford. (1996)

George V. Nazin, associate professor (physical). MS, 1999, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; PhD, 2007, California, Irvine. (2010)

Brad J. Nolen,  professor (biochemistry). BA, 1997, Missouri State; PhD, 2003, California, San Diego. (2008)

Catherine J. Page, associate professor (inorganic, materials science). BA, 1980, Oberlin; PhD, 1984, Cornell. (1986)

Michael D. Pluth,  professor (organic). BS, 2004, Oregon; PhD, 2008, California, Berkeley. (2011)

Kenneth E. Prehoda, professor (biochemistry). BA, 1991, California State, Sacramento; PhD, 1997, Wisconsin, Madison. (2001)

James Prell, associate professor (physical). BA, 2005, Washington (St. Louis); PhD, 2011, California, Berkeley. (2014)

Geraldine L. Richmond, professor (physical, materials science); Presidential Chair. BS, 1975, Kansas State; PhD, 1980, California, Berkeley. (1985)

Julia Widom, assistant professor (physical, biochemistry). BA, 2009, Northwestern; PhD, 2013, Oregon. (2018)

Cathy Wong, associate professor (physical). BSc, 2004, McMaster; PhD, 2011, Toronto. (2015)


Bruce P. Branchaud, professor emeritus. BS, 1976, Massachusetts; MA, 1981, Dartmouth College; PhD, 1981, Harvard. (1983)

Frederick W. Dahlquist, professor emeritus. BA, 1964, Wabash; PhD, 1969, California Institute of Technology. (1971)

Kenneth M. Doxsee, professor (organic, materials science). BS, 1978, MS, 1979, Stanford; PhD, 1983, California Institute of Technology. (1989)

Thomas R. Dyke, professor emeritus. BA, 1966, Wooster; PhD, 1972, Harvard. (1974)

Thomas Greenbowe, senior instructor. BA, 1972, William Paterson College of New Jersey; MS, 1974, Indiana State University; MS, 1979, Purdue University; PhD, 1982, Purdue University. (2015)

O. Hayes Griffith, professor emeritus. AB, 1960, California, Riverside; PhD, 1964, California Institute of Technology. (1965)

Julie A. Haack, senior instructor. BS, 1986, Oregon; PhD, 1991, Utah. (2000)

John F. W. Keana, professor emeritus. BA, 1961, Kalamazoo; PhD, 1965, Stanford. (1965)

James W. Long, senior instructor emeritus. BS, 1965, Washington (Seattle); PhD, 1969, California, Berkeley. (1978)

Robert M. Mazo, professor emeritus. AB, 1952, Harvard; MS, 1953, PhD, 1955, Yale. (1962)

Tom H. Stevens, Philip H. Knight Professor (biochemistry). BA, 1974, MS, 1976, San Francisco State; PhD, 1980, California Institute of Technology. (1982)

David R. "Randy" Sullivan, senior instructor. BS, 1982, MS, 1989, North Texas. (2001)

David R. Tyler, Charles J. and M. Monteith Jacobs Professor in Chemistry (inorganic, materials science). BS, 1975, Purdue; PhD, 1979, California Institute of Technology. (1985)

Peter H. von Hippel, professor emeritus. BS, 1952, MS, 1953, PhD, 1955, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (1967)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

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