Nicole Dudukovic, Director

Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary study of neural function, development, and behavior. The University of Oregon offers an undergraduate major in Neuroscience.  The graduate training program in neuroscience is centered in the Institute of Neuroscience. Affiliated faculty members in the undergraduate major as well as participating faculty members in the graduate training program are drawn from the Departments of Biology, Human Physiology, and Psychology, along with the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact.

Affiliated Faculty

Elliot Berkman, psychology

Melynda Casement, psychology

Robert Chavez, psychology

Paul Dassonville, psychology

Chris Doe, biology

Judith Eisen, biology

Tim Gardner, Knight Campus

Ian Greenhouse, human physiology

Tory Herman, biology

Benjamin Hutchinson, psychology

Adrianne Huxtable, human physiology

Santiago Jaramillo, biology

Brice Kuhl, psychology

Shawn Lockery, biology

Michelle Marneweck, human physiology

Ulrich Mayr, psychology

Luca Mazzucato, biology

David McCormick, biology

Adam Miller, biology

Kate Mills, psychology

James Murray, biology

Cris Niell, biology

Jennifer Pfeifer, psychology

Jonathan Reeder, Knight Campus

Margaret Sereno, psychology

Matt Smear, psychology

Nicki Swann, human physiology

Emily Sylwestrak, biology

Terry Takahashi, biology

Nash Unsworth, psychology

Philip Washbourne, biology

Michael Wehr, psychology

Monte Westerfield, biology

Dasa Zeithamova, psychology

Undergraduate Program

Major - Bachelor's Degree

Graduate Program