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205 Fenton Hall
1222 University of Oregon
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Courses offered by the Department of Mathematics are designed to satisfy the needs of majors and nonmajors interested in mathematics primarily as part of a broad liberal education. They provide basic mathematical and statistical training for students in the social, biological, and physical sciences and in the professional schools; prepare teachers of mathematics; and provide advanced and graduate work for students specializing in the field.


Nicolas Addington, associate professor (algebraic geometry). BS, 2004, Washington (Seattle); PhD, 2009, Wisconsin, Madison. (2015)

Shabnam Akhtari, associate professor (number theory). BA, 2002, Sharif University of Technology; PhD, 2008, British Columbia. (2012)

Arkadiy D. Berenstein, professor (quantum groups, representation theory). MS, 1988, Moscow Transport Institute; PhD, 1996, Northeastern. (2000)

Tricia H. Bevans, senior instructor. BA, 1995, MS, 1998, Oregon. (2013)

Boris Botvinnik, professor (algebraic topology). MS, 1978, Novosibirsk State; PhD, 1984, USSR Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk. (1993)

Marcin Bownik, professor (harmonic analysis, wavelets). Magister, 1995, Warsaw, Poland; MA, 1997, PhD, 2000, Washington (St. Louis). (2003)

Jonathan Brundan, professor (Lie theory, representation theory). BA, 1992, Queens College, Cambridge; PhD, 1996, University of London. (1997)

Daniel K. Dugger, professor (algebraic topology and geometry, K-theory, commutative algebra). BA, 1994, Michigan, Ann Arbor; PhD, 1999, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2004)

Ellen E. Eischen, associate professor (number theory). BA, 2003, Princeton; PhD, 2009, Michigan, Ann Arbor. (2015)

Ben Elias, associate professor (representation theory, categorification). BA, 2005, Princeton; PhD, 2011, Columbia. (2014)

Cassandra Fisher, senior instructor. BS, 2010, George Fox; MS, 2012, Texas Tech. (2012)

Laura Fredrickson, assistant professor (geometric analysis and complex geometry).  BS, 2010, California, Irvine; PhD, 2016, Texas, Austin.  (2019)

Hayden Harker, senior instructor II. BA, 1995, Oberlin College; MS, 2000, PhD, 2005, Oregon. (2011)

Weiyong He, professor (differential geometry, geometric analysis and partial differential equations). MS, 2004, Science and Technology of China; PhD, 2007, Wisconsin, Madison. (2009)

Kristen Henderson, senior instructor. BA, 2001, California, Berkeley; MS, 2003, Nevada, Reno. (2015)

Patricia Hersh, professor (combinatorics).  BA, 1995, Harvard; PhD, 1999, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  (2019)

Alexander S. Kleshchev, professor (algebra, representation theory). BS, MS, 1988, Moscow State; PhD, 1993, Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk. (1995)

Elina Kleshcheva, instructor, BS, 1987, MS, 1988, Moscow State. (1995)

David A. Levin, associate professor (probability theory and stochastic processes). BS, 1993, Chicago; MA, 1995, PhD, 1999, California, Berkeley. (2006)

Huaxin Lin, professor (functional analysis). BA, 1980, East China Normal, Shanghai; MS, 1984, PhD, 1986, Purdue. (1995)

Robert Lipshitz, professor (differential topology). AB, 2002, Princeton; PhD, 2006, Stanford. (2015)

Peng Lu, professor (differential geometry, geometric analysis). BSc, 1985, Nanjing; MSc, 1988, Nanki Mathematics Institute; PhD, 1996, State University of New York, Stony Brook. (2002)

Luca Mazzucato, assistant professor (computational neuroscience).  Laurea, 2001, Padua; PhD, 2005, ISAS, Trieste.  (2017)

James Murray, assistant professor (computational neuroscience).  BS, Montana State; PhD, Johns Hopkins, 2013.  (2020)

Maria Nemirovskaya, instructor. MS, 1996, Brigham Young; PhD, 2002, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2017)

Tammy Nezol, senior instructor. BA, 2004, BS, 2006, MS, 2008, Oregon. (2008)

Victor V. Ostrik, professor (representation theory). MS, 1995, PhD, 1999, Moscow State. (2003)

Liliana Pazdan-Siudeja, senior instructor. MS, 2010, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. (2013)

N. Christopher Phillips, professor (functional analysis). AB, 1978, MA, 1980, PhD, 1984, California, Berkeley. (1990)

Alexander Polishchuk, professor (algebraic geometry). MS, 1993, Moscow State; PhD, 1996, Harvard. (2003)

Michael R. Price, senior instructor II; assistant department head. BS, 2003, MS, 2005, Oregon. (2005)

Nicholas J. Proudfoot, professor (algebraic geometry, combinatorics, topological groups). AB, 2000, Harvard; PhD, 2004, California, Berkeley. (2007)

Peter Ralph, associate professor (populations and evolution with genomic data). AB, 2002, PhD, 2009, California, Berkeley. (2016)

Hal Sadofsky, associate professor (algebraic topology, homotopy theory). BS, 1984, Rochester; PhD, 1990, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (1995)

Bijan Shahir, instructor. MS, 1979, PhD, 1987, Oregon; MSEE, 1999, Washington (Seattle). (2011)

Yefeng Shen, assistant professor (algebraic geometry).  BS, 2006, Zhejiang University; MS, 2009, Peking University; PhD, 2013, University of Michigan.  (2017)

Christopher D. Sinclair, associate professor (random matrix theory, number theory). BS, 1997, Arizona; PhD, 2005, Texas, Austin. (2009)

Dev P. Sinha, associate professor (algebraic and differential topology). BS, 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PhD, 1997, Stanford. (2001)

David C Steinberg, senior instructor. BSc, 2004, Alberta;  MA, 2006, State University of New York, Binghamton; PhD, 2012, British Columbia. (2013)

Jennifer Thorenson, senior instructor.  BS, 2003, North Dakota State; MS, 2005, PhD, 2013, Montana State. (2013)

Craig Tingey, senior instructor. BA, BS, 1989, MS, 1991, Utah. (2001)

Kathy Trigueiro, senior instructor emerita

Arkady Vaintrob, associate professor (algebraic geometry, Lie theory and representation theory, mathematical physics). BA, 1976, Moscow Institute of Railway Engineering; MS, 1979, PhD, 1987, Moscow State. (2000)

Kai Shyang Wang, instructor. MA, 1985, California, Berkeley. (2009)

Micah Warren, associate professor (geometric analysis). BS, 2000, Pacific Lutheran; MS, 2006, PhD, 2008, Washington (Seattle). (2012)

Yuan Xu, professor (numerical analysis). BS, 1982, Northwestern (China); MS, 1984, Beijing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; PhD, 1988, Temple. (1992)

Benjamin Young, associate professor (combinatorics). BS, 2001, MS, 2002, Carleton; PhD, 2008, British Columbia. (2012)


Bruce A. Barnes, professor emeritus. BA, 1960, Dartmouth College; PhD, 1964, Cornell. (1966)

Richard B. Barrar, professor emeritus. BS, 1947, MS, 1948, PhD, 1952, Michigan. (1967)

Glenn T. Beelman, senior instructor emeritus. BS, 1938, South Dakota State; AM, 1962, George Washington. (1966)

Charles W. Curtis, professor emeritus. BA, 1947, Bowdoin; MA, 1948, PhD, 1951, Yale. (1963)

Micheal N. Dyer, professor emeritus. BA, 1960, Rice; PhD, 1965, California, Los Angeles. (1967)

Peter B. Gilkey, professor (global analysis, differential geometry). BS, MA, 1967, Yale; PhD, 1972, Harvard. (1981)

James A. Isenberg, professor (mathematical physics, differential geometry, nonlinear partial differential equations). AB, 1973, Princeton; PhD, 1979, Maryland. (1982)

William M. Kantor, professor emeritus. BS, 1964, Brooklyn; MA, 1965, PhD, 1968, Wisconsin, Madison. (1971)

Richard M. Koch, professor emeritus. BA, 1961, Harvard; PhD, 1964, Princeton. (1966)

Shlomo Libeskind, professor emeritus. BS, 1962, MS, 1965, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; PhD, 1971, Wisconsin, Madison. (1986)

Theodore W. Palmer, professor emeritus. BA, 1958, MA, 1958, Johns Hopkins; AM, 1959, PhD, 1966, Harvard. (1970)

Kenneth A. Ross, professor emeritus. BS, 1956, Utah; MS, 1958, PhD, 1960, Washington (Seattle). (1964)

Gary M. Seitz, professor emeritus. AB, 1964, MA, 1965, California, Berkeley; PhD, 1968, Oregon. (1970)

Brad S. Shelton, professor emeritus. BA, 1976, Arizona; MS, PhD, 1982, Washington (Seattle). (1985)

Allan J. Sieradski, professor emeritus. BS, 1962, Dayton; MS, 1964, PhD, 1967, Michigan. (1967)

Stuart Thomas, senior instructor emeritus. AB, 1965, California State, Long Beach; MA, 1967, California, Berkeley. (1990)

Kathy Trigueiro, senior instructor emerita

Marie A. Vitulli, professor emerita. BA, 1971, Rochester; MA, 1973, PhD, 1976, Pennsylvania. (1976)

Jerry M. Wolfe, associate professor emeritus. BS, 1966, Oregon State; MA, 1969, PhD, 1972, Washington (Seattle). (1970)

Charles R. B. Wright, professor emeritus. BA, 1956, MA, 1957, Nebraska; PhD, 1959, Wisconsin, Madison. (1961)

Sergey Yuzvinsky, professor (representation theory, combinatorics, multiplication of forms). MA, 1963, PhD, 1966, Leningrad. (1980)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.

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