Biology (MS)

Master’s degrees in biology may be earned in the following programs:

  • Ecology and Evolution - this degree is typically completed on the UO campus and emphasizes ecology and evolution and can involve research on terrestrial, aquatic, or marine organisms.
  • Marine Biology - this degree is typically completed at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology campus location at Charleston Oregon (110 miles, 2.5 hours from Eugene) and provides training for a variety of careers in aquatic or marine biology.

Two years are typically required for completion of the master’s degree. More information is available on the biology department website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Achieve fluency in the scholarly literature, compelling questions, and research methods in the student's primary field of research.
  • Acquire demonstrable and autonomous research skills, in field or laboratory, as befits specialty.
  • Learn to process and present scientific data in compelling, credible formats.

Biology Major

Graduate-level Coursework 136
BI 503Thesis9
Total Credits45

Nearly all master's candidates are admitted into the 'thesis' program.  In very rare circumstances a student may complete a 'course only' program which would necessitate completing 60 graduate level credits