Immersive Media Communication (MS)

Donna Davis
Associate Professor
Director, Strategic Communication Master’s Program & Oregon Reality (OR) Lab
Phone: 503-412-3658
Office: SOJC Portland

In this fully online master’s program in Immersive Media Communication, students will learn how to design and critically analyze strategies that use emerging technologies to influence key audiences. Along the way, students will work with highly skilled faculty and become part of a tight-knit cohort of professionals who are passionate about using immersive media as effective and ethical communication tools. 

Our program prepares students for the communication trends of the future by teaching students how to create immersive and experiential marketing strategy, including user experience and design, the psychology of immersive media, and how to plan content creation, including the building process and production pipelines, for AR, VR, and XR platforms.

This 46-credit-hour program is designed to be completed in one year, but the pace can flex to meet students' needs. All students will receive a tech package (included in tuition) so they can complete coursework at home, or they can use our state-of-the-art immersive media gear in the Oregon Reality Lab based at SOJC Portland.

Admission Process

Please visit the program's website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of immersive media with a particular focus on immersive VR, AR, and XR experiences.
  • Clearly define key attributes of augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and cross reality (XR) important to communication and its potential use.
  • Consider appropriate and measurable communication outcomes for targeted publics using AR/VR/XR/VWs.
  • Demonstrate creativity in approaching communications solutions using immersive technologies.
  • Articulate ethical, best practices in AR/VR/XR and VWs.

Immersive Media Communication Major Requirements

Core Courses
J 594Strategic Communications Research4
J 609Terminal Project6
or J 604 Internship: [Topic]
J 611Mass Communication and Society4
J 629Media and Communication Ethics: [Topic]4
Immersive Media Courses
J 617Strategic Communication Theory and Research: [Topic]4
J 664Foundations in Immersive Media (Foundations in Immersive Media)4
J 665Immersive Media Psychology (Media Psychology)4
J 667 (User Experience)4
J 668 (Experiential Marketing)4
J 669Creating for Immersive Platforms (Creating for Immersive Platforms)4
Elective Courses4
Strategic Communication: [Topic]
Total Credits46