Game Studies

The Games Studies minor gives students an understanding of how to communicate and understand the culture of gaming. It is one of the biggest entertainment industries and one with the most evolving technology industries and occupations from social media influencers to artificial intelligence. This minor will help prepare those who want to communicate about, or for, game companies. It is not a game development minor.

The minor requires 24 credits; 4 are required and 20 are chosen from a list of approved electives. Students who meet the prerequisites for the ARTD courses may use selected ARTD courses toward the minor.

Students who want to minor in game studies should declare the minor online. You must have at least a 2.00 UO GPA to apply to the minor.

Game Studies Minor Requirements

Courses used to fulfill the minor requirements must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of C- or better.

Core Course
JCOM 280Introduction to Studying Games4
Select five of the following:20
Interactive Digital Arts
Introduction to Animation (Prerequisite: ARTD 252)
Digital Interactivity (Prerequisite: ARTD 252)
The Games Industry
Theories of Play in Media and Communication
Game Design and Critique
Understanding E-Sports
Gamification and the Media
JCOM 481
(Making the Virtual a Reality)
JCOM 482
(Analog Games)
JCOM 483
(Game Journalism and Newsgames)
Total Credits24