Product Design (BFA)

Enhance the world around you by creating products that are useful, energy-efficient, ergonomically appropriate, cost-effective and socially responsible. As one of our students, you will solve real-world design challenges with fellow students, clients, and faculty members.

Students in the product design major develop the knowledge, skills, and methods essential to becoming a professional designer with courses in product design, art, and art and technology within the School of Art + Design. In the product design major, students work on the Eugene campus for three years and continue to the Portland campus for the final year of completion of their professional BFA degrees.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Realize a new product that solves a specific need based on needs found through observational research with and of an individual person.
  • Create cohesive visual and verbal analysis about the impact of a new product on a civic or social structure.
  • Articulate personal design sense through visual and verbal media.

Product Design Major Requirements

Drawing and Basic Design16
Introduction to Product Design
Surface, Space, and Time
Core Interdisciplinary Laboratory
Beginning Design Drawing
Lower Division Studio12
Designers' Tools
Print Media Digital Arts
Elective Course 1
Upper Division Studio20
Introduction to Design Studio
Introduction to Design Studio II
Design Drawing
Introduction to Computer Aided Design
Computer-Assisted Design and Production
Upper Division Theory12
Design for Use
Objects and Impacts
Design Process
PD Senior Studio12
Advanced Studio I
Advanced Studio II
Advanced Studio III
BA Studio - UO Portland Campus18
BFA Studio I
BFA Studio II
BFA Studio III
Art History8
History of Design
Art History Elective
Upper Division Studio Electives 210
PD 404Internship: [Topic]12
Total Credits120