African Studies Graduate Specialization

The African Studies Graduate Specialization may be earned by students from any University of Oregon MA or PhD program. The specialization is designed to be flexible, and will solidify opportunities for you to engage African Studies more formally in your studies. It will both enhance your background preparation of Africanist-related education and research, and has the potential to positively impact future job opportunities.

To declare the specialization, please contact the Graduate Coordinators ( or Director of African Studies, Kemi Balogun (, and complete the specialization declaration form, (including obtaining a department representative signature), and be sure to file it with the Graduate School (Division of Graduate Studies) no later than week 5 of the term in which you want to make a change.

The UO Graduate School has general information about graduate specializations campus-wide.

Specialization Requirements

Students are required to take one class from each of 4 thematic areas, for a total of 4 classes and 16 units. These areas are:

  • Core Course
  • The African Past
  • Contemporary Africa
  • Culture, Ethnicity and Identity

Graduate Studies

Arranging a graduate degree program with a concentration in African studies is possible in a number of departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Music and Dance. Anthropology, biology, dance, environmental studies, French (in the Romance languages department), folklore and public culture, geography, history, global studies, linguistics, political science, and sociology have faculty members with expertise and strong interest in this area.

Students should consult with the affiliated faculty members regarding such arrangements.

Graduate Specialization

Students in a University of Oregon MA or PhD program may choose a graduate specialization in African studies. The student will be assigned an advisor within African studies and must satisfy the following requirements:

ANTH 6504
Approved graduate course in African history4
Approved graduate course on issues in contemporary Africa4
Approved graduate course dealing with issues in African culture, ethnicity, and identity4
Total Credits16