Institutional and Organizational Conflict Management Graduate Certificate

Conflict is a part of life. Organizations desperately need professionals with the knowledge and skills to engage with and manage conflict productively. This certificate is designed for both current graduate students as well as working professionals who would like to add this set of knowledge and skills to their resume.


  • University of Oregon graduate students from any department may apply to this certificate program. The certificate courses may satisfy the electives portion of a graduate degree, eliminating the need for additional time to complete both the degree and certificate. Consult with your advisor for specifics pertaining to your program.
  • This certificate program is also available for students not pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Oregon. However, an undergraduate degree from a certified college or university is required, along with admission to the Division of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Certificate in Institutional and Organizational Conflict Management 

Required Courses
CRES 614Negotiation, Bargaining and Persuasion4
CRES 620Facilitation2
CRES 631Managing Conflict in Organizations4
CRES 670Adversarial Processes4
Electives Courses12
Conflict and Gender
Philosophy of Conflict Resolution
Environmental Conflict Resolution
Culture, Power, and Conflict Resolution I
Culture, Power, and Conflict Resolution II
Culture, Power, and Conflict Resolution III
Psychology of Conflict
Total Credits26