Bioengineering (PhD)

Jenni Van Wyk, Student Recruiter and Advisor
Knight Campus, room 261

Earn a dual-shield degree from the University of Oregon (UO) and Oregon State University (OSU) with full access to the world-class facilities and resources at both universities. Make impactful and innovative discoveries at the forefront of bioengineering research in areas like regenerative medicine, synthetic biology, biosensors, and devices. Engage in an immersive curriculum, high impact research opportunities, and targeted research and career training programs that will take your science, and your career, to the next level.

A master of science degree is only attainable as part of the doctoral program, not as a standalone master's degree.

Program's Admission Requirements

Please visit the program's website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Scholarship: The student will be able to identify and conduct original research resulting in a significant contribution to knowledge in the fields spanned by Bioengineering and to effectively communicate this work to a technically literate audience.
  • Mastery of Subject Material: The student will be able to think critically, creatively and to address technical problems in the fields spanned by Bioengineering. The student will be able to plan and conduct research and entrepreneurial activities that leads to translation of research discoveries to solutions that meet societal needs.
  • Ethical Conduct: Students will be educated in ethical and responsible conduct in research and professional activities.

Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering

Core Course Requirements
BIOE 611 (UO) or BIOE 511 (OSU)3
BIOE 612 (UO) or BIOE 512 (OSU)4
BIOE 613 (UO) or BIOE 513 (OSU)3
BIOE 614 (UO)3
BIOE 507 (OSU)1
BIOE 617 (UO)1
BIOE 618 (UO) or CBEE 507 (OSU)1
Elective Course Requirements15