New Media and Culture Graduate Certificate

The New Media & Culture Certificate for graduate students blends scholarly research on new media topics with hands-on experience creating new media content and using digital research tools. In conjunction with the multitude of creative opportunities made available by existing degree programs across campus, the certificate can be completed through courses spanning the criticism, history, aesthetics, and production of new media technologies.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Frame their own research projects through the lens of prominent theoretical analytics for the study of new media in its social, cultural, and technical contexts.
  • Describe the specificities of the methodological approaches undergirding their own research projects.
  • Compare the methodological approaches they take for the study of new media and/or legacy media with other possible methodological approaches.
  • Situate their own new media research within a broader landscape of topics, themes, debates, and research programs in new media and culture.
  • Specify the particular topical commitments and thematic threads informing their own research work concerning new media and/or legacy media.

Certificate in New Media and Culture

This multidisciplinary program offers exposure to an array of approaches to the study of contemporary new media topics such as social media, digital surveillance, gaming culture, and the social significance of data analytics through review of the history, theory, criticism, aesthetics, and production of new media technologies. Students blend scholarly research on new media topics with practical experience creating content using digital research tools.

The certificate program is open to graduate students in any UO department or program. Requirements include completion of six graduate-level, new media–related courses, five of which are electives chosen from a flexible menu of offerings across campus, designed to fit seamlessly into students’ course requirements for their home department. For more information, including course offerings for the coming year, visit the certificate website.