First-Year Programs

Amy Hughes Giard, Director
107 Oregon Hall

The University of Oregon’s nationally recognized First-Year Programs offer freshmen the opportunity to

  • Develop mentor relationships between student and faculty members
  • Make connections between academic classes and potential majors or career paths
  • Cultivate intellectual curiosity
  • Develop a sense of community among students with similar interests and create a sense of belonging
  • Connect to vital university resources

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

In a FIG, 20 first-year students jointly take two core education courses and a faculty-led First-Year Experience Seminar during fall term. Students engage in projects and assignments specific to each FIG as faculty members offer mentoring and advising. The seminar may also include informal out-of-class events such as hikes, dinner with the professor, or excursions to events. Each group has a First-Year Experience Assistant—an advanced undergraduate student—who assists in the seminar to help new students navigate the university. There are more than 50 FIGs to choose from each year.