Work-Life Resources

Jennifer Mirabile, Senior Human Resources Programs Coordinator
541-346-2195 or -3195
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677 E. 12th Ave., Suite 400

University Work-Life Resources, a program in Human Resources, coordinates information about campus and community child-care options, resources for families and elder care, work and life resources, wellness programs, help with life events, and university work-life policies.

UO Affiliated Child-Care Programs

Co-op Family Center

The center is an independent, nonprofit co-operative located in Spencer View Family Housing. Student families receive priority and a tuition discount. The center serves children eight weeks to 10 years. For more information, visit the website or telephone 541-346-7400.

Moss Street Children’s Center

The center offers university student families priority and a tuition discount, serving children three months through third grade. It is described more fully under Erb Memorial Union in this section of the catalog. For more information, visit the website or telephone 541-346-4384.

Vivian Olum Child Development Center

The center, which offers priority services to employee families, has seven classrooms and serves as many as 110 children, from eight weeks old through fifth grade. For more information, visit the website or telephone 541-346-6586.

Caregiver Resources and Caregiver Provider Networks

Caregiving responsibilities have a unique impact on UO community members and their families. While UO cannot provide ready-made solutions to child care and other care giving issues individuals are encountering, the Caregiver Resources website is a one-stop point of access to existing resources, including networking opportunities, and is intended to provide potential solutions to the challenges of caregiving while working and pursuing an education. The Caregiver Networks are exclusive to the UO community, and connect members of our community with UO families needing caregiving.

Family Community Opportunities

A subscription-based email listserver for the UO community provides information about family-related campus and community events and programs. More information on the listserver and how to subscribe is available online.

Financial Assistance for Child Care

ASUO Student Child-Care Subsidy

Funded by student incidental fees, the program pays a percentage of child-care expenses for low-income students. UO-affiliated and licensed community child-care expenses are covered. More information and applications are available from the ASUO Executive office, Erb Memorial Union, Suite 4; call 541-346-0632.

Employee-Dependent Child-Care Account

UO employee parents have an opportunity to pay for dependent care with pretax income.  For more information, call the Human Resources Benefits Office, 541-346-3085.

Graduate Assistance Fund

This program assists graduate students facing financial hardship in the care of a new child or a medical issue. For more information, visit the website.

Oregon Department of Human Services Child-Care Subsidy

Working families whose combined income is below 150 percent of the federal poverty level may be eligible for financial help with child-care costs. For more information, visit the website.

Graduate Families GE

Questions, concerns, or needs related to graduate students with families may be found online or directed to Graduate Families Graduate Employee via email ( Graduate Families GE serves as a resource, providing referrals and support, hosting free family events, and managing the graduate families listserver, a subscription-based email service for the UO community providing information about family-related campus and community events and programs. More information on the listserver is available online.

Lactation Support Rooms 

Each of the eleven lactation support rooms provide a private space for student, faculty, and staff mothers to nurse or express milk. View the Family-Friendly Resources map for specific lactation room locations. UO parents may register to use one of the campus lactation rooms by contacting a staff member in Human Resources, 541-346-2195.

The Personal Refrigerator Lending Program provides nursing mothers working for the university with small, apartment-sized refrigerators for their campus offices and workspaces in which to store expressed milk. Call Human Resources to request a refrigerator.

Using the international symbol for breastfeeding is one way for nursing mothers on campus to communicate to those around them the need for privacy while nursing or expressing milk.  To request a free sign contact Human Resources at 541-346-2195.

School and Summer Camp Information

Information on the Eugene 4J, Bethel, and Springfield school districts as well as UO-affiliated summer camps are available on the Human Resources website.

Youth and Family Program

The Department of Physical Education and Recreation offers a variety of youth lessons and family recreation time, as well as summer and no-school day camps. For more information, telephone 541-346-4183.