Division of Global Engagement


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The Division of Global Engagement manages study abroad and global internship opportunities, welcomes and supports international students and scholars, and coordinates the wide range of international projects and transnational partnerships launched and maintained in many University of Oregon academic units. The university enrolls more than 1,000 international students from nearly 80 countries and sponsors more than 300 study-abroad programs in 70 countries.

Global Education Oregon (GEO)

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Global Education Oregon (GEO) offers more than 300 study abroad programs in about 70 countries where UO students may take classes, conduct research, or participate in a wide range of internships or service-learning experiences. These opportunities include full-term, study-abroad programs; academic year exchanges with international universities; and short-term, faculty-led programs. For complete information about all program opportunities, visit geo.uoregon.edu.

UO students may earn academic credit while they gain professional development experience abroad. Internships are open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and master’s degree students who are currently enrolled in a UO degree program. Financial aid, including scholarships, is available. Several GEO programs allow students to combine part-time internships and part-time study in the same term abroad.

Grants and Scholarships
Because students are registered at the UO while participating in study abroad programs and international internships, they are eligible to receive most or all of their UO-awarded financial aid. In addition, numerous scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students planning to study or intern abroad, including new scholarships for first-generation college students and students with disabilities.

Distinguished scholarships are also available for students participating in study abroad programs. The Gilman Scholarship supports Pell Grant eligible undergraduate students who are pursuing study abroad experiences, and the Boren Scholarship funds students interested in studying a critical language abroad. In addition to these awards, qualified graduating seniors and graduate students can pursue other distinguished scholarships such as the U.S. Student Fulbright program to support international research, university study, or teaching. For a comprehensive overview of funding options abroad, visit geo.uoregon.edu/scholarships.

Course Equivalencies
When you participate in a GEO or sponsored study-abroad program, you will receive University of Oregon credit. For complete details, refer to the course equivalency process and the Office of the Registrar course equivalency database.

Global Studies Institute

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The Global Studies Institute supports internationally oriented research centers, programs, and initiatives to enhance faculty research, enrich the student experience, and promote the University of Oregon’s academic excellence at home and with partners around the world. It hosts and supports 14 of the university’s critical international research centers and programs and serves as a coordinator and promoter of the full range of international programs, projects, and related activities on campus. In partnership with schools and colleges, the institute encourages interdisciplinary and cross-regional research, curriculum development, and community outreach, and pursues a program of fundraising and grant writing to sustain global projects with the greatest impact on student success and faculty recruitment and retention. For more information about constituent units and programs of the Global Studies Institute, visit gsi.uoregon.edu.


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GlobalWorks International Internship Program, administered by the UO’s Global Studies Institute, connects academic study with real-world experiences by providing full-time, international internship opportunities to UO students in a wide variety of career sectors, ranging from business to education to public relations. Students earn UO credits as well as life-changing work experience in a different culture. Several scholarships are available for all locations.

International Student and Scholar Services

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International Student and Scholar Services provides a wide array of advising services and programs to more than 1,000 international students regarding visa and immigration matters, academic support and success, and social and cultural adjustment.

Primary programs include pre-arrival resources; personal immigration advising; scholarships and financial aid; and a peer mentor program that brings together newly arrived international students and returning students.

International Student and Scholar Services is a long-time partner of the Friendship Foundation for International Students, a local community organization that coordinates short-term homestays, cultural conversations, and friendship programs. The unit also administers $1 million worth of scholarship programs for international students, among them the award-winning International Cultural Service Program, Global Corners International Student Recruitment and Retention awards, international work-study assistance, and other resources.

In addition, International Student and Scholar Services offers services to more than 200 visiting international researchers, faculty, and staff members, including advising on a wide range of immigration, employment, and adjustment matters.