Bachelor of Science in Dance

The Department of Dance offers curricula leading to bachelor of fine arts (BFA), bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) degrees. The goal of the department is to provide comprehensive dance training within the liberal arts framework of the university. The study of dance involves intellectual, artistic, and physical development. The Department of Dance emphasizes all three areas of growth, a commitment made possible by the breadth of its curricular offerings and the depth of faculty expertise.

Facility with oral and written communication is one goal of a liberal arts education. Therefore, dance majors pursue a course of study to acquire a firm intellectual grasp of the theoretical, historical, and creative forces that shape dance as an art form.

Dance, unique in that it is also a physical form of communication, requires continual experience in its technical foundations. Students are expected and encouraged to experience a variety of forms of dance training and idioms. Production and pedagogy are also integral to the undergraduate core, because many students find careers in theater and teaching.

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

Technique 121
Contemporary I
Contemporary II
Contemporary III
Ballet I
Ballet II
Ballet III
Hip Hop I
Hip Hop II
Hip Hop III
African I
African II
Special Studies: [Topic]
Special Studies: [Topic]
Special Studies: [Topic]
Advanced Movement Practice (Three Times)
Dance Loft Performance
Student Dance Concert Performance
Workshop: [Topic]
Dema African Performance Ensemble: [Topic]
DAN 480
Student Dance Collective: [Topic]
Creative Practice8
Dance Improvisation: [Topic]
Contact Improvisation: [Topic]
Dance Composition I
Dance Composition II
Screendance: History and Theory
Looking at Dance
Dance Production I
Musical Elements of Dance
Anatomy of Human Movement
African Dance Aesthetics
Dance Production II
Dance Kinesiology
Senior Seminar: [Topic] (Three Times)
Dance and Power
Contemporary Issues in Dance
Music for Dancers
Teaching Dance
Total Credits75

Students transferring to the UO as dance majors after two years of college work elsewhere should have completed courses for the UO BS mathematics requirement, two terms of college-level English composition, as many of the university’s core-education requirements as possible, and training in modern dance.