Minor in Sustainable Business


The sustainable business minor teaches students how to use the power of business for good, finding better ways to make the world better for everyone.

The sustainable business minor consists of three business administration courses, two courses from specialized clusters, and one elective (total of 24 credit hours). 

BA 101Introduction to Business4
MGMT 250Introduction to Sustainable Business4
MGMT 422Sustainable Business Strategy and Implementation4
Choose one of the following courses:4
Accounting: Language of Business Decisions
Economy, Industry, and Competitive Analysis
Management: Creating Value through People
Marketing: Creating Value for Customers
Finance: Creating Value through Capital
Life Cycle Assessment
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Choose two of the following courses:8
Community Design
The Chemistry of Sustainability
Green Product Design
Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Urban and Regional Economic Problems
Resource and Environmental Economic Issues
Environmental Economics
Natural Resource Economics
Economics of Transportation
Issues in Economic Growth and Development
Equity Leadership and Social Change
Introduction to Environmental Literature
Introduction to Environmental Studies: Natural Sciences
Introduction to Environmental Studies: Humanities
Environmental Justice
Sustainable Agriculture
Global Environmental Change
Tourism and Development
Environment and Development
GIScience I
Introduction to Global Environmental History
American Environmental History to 1890
American Environmental History, 1890-Present
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Special Studies: [Topic]
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Landscape Technology Topics
Experimental Course: [Topic]
Physics of Energy and Environment
Solar and Other Renewable Energies
Community Leadership and Change
Global Leadership and Change
Sustainable Urban Development
Green Cities
International Environmental Politics
Total Credits24