Southeast Asian Studies

William S. Ayres, Associate Director
541-346-0668 fax
837 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall
5206 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-5206

The University of Oregon offers students an opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary studies on Southeast Asia. Specialists from across the university acquaint students with recent research on such topics as women, health, healing, and nutrition in Thailand and Indonesia; the archaeology of Thailand and Malaysia; education and development in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand; regional transnationalisms; and indigenous minority communities and cultures throughout the region. Individualized and self-instructional study of Southeast Asian languages can be arranged through the Yamada Language Center.

Important resources include Southeast Asian library collections, the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, and the Office of International Affairs. The university also sponsors conferences, workshops, outreach, study abroad opportunities, internships, fellowships, student and faculty exchange, and cooperation between libraries.

Southeast Asian studies is a track in the Asian Studies Program. Undergraduates may pursue a minor in Southeast Asian studies in conjunction with majors in most departments (e.g., anthropology, history), as a concentration in international studies, or as the basis for a BA in Asian studies. See the Asian Studies section of this catalog for requirements and curriculum offerings.