Scandinavian Studies

Michael Stern, Committee Chair
202 Friendly Hall
1250 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1250

Undergraduate Studies

The Scandinavian Studies Committee endeavors to stimulate interest in Scandinavian culture, society, languages, and history. The committee is a focal point for faculty members and students who want to teach or take courses related to Scandinavia or to do research on Scandinavian countries. Students can earn a minor in Scandinavian or a major in German with a focus on Scandinavian. Both academic programs are described in the German and Scandinavian section of this catalog.

Overseas Study

Students in all University of Oregon overseas study programs enroll in courses with subject codes that are unique to individual programs. Special course numbers are reserved for overseas study. See International Affairs in the Academic Resources section of this catalog.

The university has student exchange programs with the University of Aalborg, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark’s International Study Program in Copenhagen, the University of Tampere in Finland, the Universities of Bergen and Oslo in Norway, and the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Area-studies courses not offered by the university can often be taken at one of the Nordic universities. The courses may be applied to the Scandinavian minor or the German and Scandinavian focus of the German major.

Committee members have close ties to the information services of Nordic governments. As a result, books, periodicals, and newspapers regularly arrive from Nordic countries.


Courses appropriate for Scandinavian studies have been offered in anthropology, comparative literature, English, German and Scandinavian, political science, sociology, and other departments. The Department of German and Scandinavian offers language instruction in Swedish.

Steering Committee Faculty

Jon M. Erlandson, anthropology

D. Gantt Gurley, German and Scandinavian

Sonja Rasmussen, International Resource Center

Michael G. Raymer, physics

Lars Skalnes, political science

Michael Stern, German and Scandinavian

Richard A. Sundt, history of art and architecture

Bruce Harwood Tabb, UO Libraries

Roxi Thoren, landscape architecture

Glenda Fravel Utsey, architecture