Master of Arts in Political Science

The master’s degree program prepares students for professional careers in teaching and research. Two years is the typical period for completing the program. The graduate program is geared toward doctoral studies and typically only admits students for a terminal master's degree under exceptional circumstances. Applicants whose main goal is to obtain a PhD should apply directly to the doctoral program. Those wanting to obtain a terminal master's degree should contact the department's director of graduate studies before applying to discuss a potential fit.

Master of Arts Degree Requirements

  • Completion of 45 credits of graduate course work
  • Completion of required courses as specified by the department
  • Demonstrated proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Completion of a master’s degree thesis
Seminar Requirement:
PS 620State of the Discipline5
Two Seminar Courses from the Following:
Seminar: [Topic]
Political Behavior
American Political Institutions
United States Political Culture
Political Theory
International Relations
Public Policy
International Political Economy
Formal Theory and Methodology
States and State-Society Relations
Comparative Political Economy
States and Regimes
Methods Requirement:
PS 545
PS 546
Methods for Politics and Policy Analysis I
and Methods for Politics and Policy Analysis II
PS 612
PS 613
Qualitative Methods
and Interpretive Methods in Political Science
PS 614Research Design5
Thesis Requirement:15
Total Credit Requirement:45