Minor in Commerce and Society


Jamie Bufalino, Program Director
275 McKenzie Hall

Minor in Commerce and Society 

The buying and selling of goods and services shapes our lives every single day and connects us with people around the globe. The Commerce and Society minor allows students to analyze how these daily transactions work and how they impact people, governments, and the environment. Coursework for the minor encourages the examination of the relationship between commerce and issues such as climate change, social inequality, and globalization from a variety of social scientific perspectives.
The minor is a great option for:
Entrepreneurial and socially-conscious students interested in learning sustainable, equitable business practices.
Intellectually curious students who want to take courses from multiple different departments on campus like political science, global studies, business, and economics.
Independent students who want to tailor the minor to their schedule and their interests.

Preliminary Core:12
Ethics of Enterprise and Exchange
Globalization and the Global Economy (Globalization and the Global Economy (In workflow))
Politics of Business
Specialization Courses 124
Anthropology of Pirates and Piracy
Anthropology of Chocolate
Immigration and Farmworkers Political Culture
Introduction to Business
Global Perspectives in Business
Contemporary Economic Issues
Geography of Globalization
Tourism and Development
Environment and Development
Prereq: Junior standing
International Water Policy
Contemporary Food Systems
Colonial and Postcolonial Africa
HIST 350
HIST 351
American Business History
Economic History of Modern Europe: [Topic]
American Economic History: [Topic]
African American History to 1877: [Topic]
Global Studies
Perspectives on International Development
Global Food Security
Cross-Cultural Communication
Journalism/Media Studies
Media and Society
Gender, Media, and Diversity
Prereq: J201
International Communication
Prereq: J201
Media Ethics
Prereq: J201
Introduction to Business Law
Internet, Society, and Philosophy
Food Ethics
Introduction to Formal Logic
Global Justice
Political Science
Shadows of Modernity
The Politics of Development
International Political Economy
Recommended: EC 201, EC202 or PS 205
PS 460
International Environmental Politics
U.S. Interventions in Developing Nations
United States Political Economy
Work and Occupations
Urban Sociology
Political Economy
Issues in Urban Sociology: [Topic]
Issues in Sociology of Work: [Topic]
Issues in Sociology of Organizations: [Topic]
SOC 450
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Women, Work, and Class
Gender, Environment, and Development
Total Credits36

Students may take no more than 3 courses from the same subject code (includes both preliminary core and specialization courses). All courses must be taken for a letter grade and be passed with a C- or better. At least 16 credits must be upper-division courses. At least one course must be at the 400 level; it is recommended that students select a 400-level course from a subject code in which they have previously taken a course. Topics courses count toward the minor no matter what the topic. 

The Commerce and Society minor is designed for students that are not majoring in GSS-Applied Economic, Business, and Society. A GSS-AEBS major will not be permitted to declare this minor in Commerce and Society.