Certificate in Film Studies


The Film Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary graduation certificate that can be completed by students in any major. It involves coursework from Cinema Studies and a variety of other departments on campus and offers a progression of film study that is structured, but less comprehensive than the major. Like a minor, completed certificates are included on a student’s permanent transcript. Students who wish to study cinema while pursuing a different major can choose to 1) double major or 2) earn a Certificate in Film Studies.  

Certificate in Film Studies

The certificate in film studies requires 36 credits in courses chosen from three groups:

  1. Fundamental requirements
  2. CINE Core requirements
  3. General electives or additional CINE core courses
Fundamental Requirements
CINE 260MMedia Aesthetics4
Select two of the following:8
History of the Motion Picture I
History of the Motion Picture II
History of the Motion Picture III
CINE Core Requirements 1
Four core courses that strengthen students’ understanding of cinema as a dynamic, multicultural, and transnational phenomenon. 16
General Electives or Additional CINE Core Courses
Two electives courses that broaden students’ exposure to cinema and media studies. These courses do not focus exclusively on cinema but study it in relation to other subjects of inquiry, including (but not limited to) Asian studies, comparative literature, ethnic studies, folklore, philosophy, journalism, literary studies, music, Romance languages, and women's, gender, and sexuality studies. A wide variety of elective courses from a range of departments and programs are available.8
Total Credits36

Students must earn a grade of mid-C or better in required courses to count toward the certificate. Cinema studies majors are not eligible for the certificate.

Please visit the department's online term lists for the most effective options.